Practice Areas

Business Development and M&A

Terceiro Setor

Energy Sector

Internacional Business

Investment Funds And Structured Financial Transactions

Project Financing And Structuring

Competition Law

Electoral Law

Succession Planning


Foreign Investment

Real Estate Law

Bankruptcy Law And Reorganization Of Companies

Intellectual Property

Consumer Law

Civil Law

Labor Law

Administrative Law

Mining Law

Environmental Law

Legal Auditing And “Due Diligence”

Corporation Law


Tax Consultancy

Tax Law

Corporation Law

Consultancy in company negotiations related to corporate matters. Guidance in the formation and reorganization of companies, in corporate operations involving spin-offs, incorporations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as associations between companies (joint ventures, consortiums etc.).

Execution of legal auditing to assess contingent liabilities. Assessment of relevant cases or settlement attempts. Advice on the evaluation and reduction of legal risks related to investments and deals.

Legal support in company valuations, financial reorganization and restructuring and strategic definition. Legal support to companies that receive national and foreign investments, including venture capital and private equity funds.